Amy – San Diego, CA

I have worked with Kelli twice — once to plan outfits for our family photo session, and also a closet purge.  EACH TIME she has rocked my fashion world!  Kelli has an amazing confidence about her when it comes to clothes that stands in stark contrast to my inability to make a decision!   Whereas I might go to a store and think “there’s nothing here for me,” she whips up an awesome outfit in just a few minutes.  She actually outfitted my entire family in one store in just over an hour.   We all felt great about our outfits, and each of us wears thing things we bought that day on a regular basis.

The closet purge was even more valuable to me.  Kelli came into my closet (which is big, so I hadn’t really cleaned it out in a while since there was no pressing need to do so) and took out every item, hanging it on a rack.  From there, we discussed whether it was something I liked and wore or something that needed to go.  If we weren’t sure, I tried on the item so that she could see how it looked.  As we did this, she pointed out the good things about each item, and she also pointed out where I could change my shopping to make sure my clothes fit me better.  One thing that struck me about Kelli is that, though from her Facebook page, etc, you’d think she is a Nordstrom-only kind of girl, she didn’t make me throw away my Ross purchases!  Each item was judged not on where it came from, but on how it fit me and whether it worked with my overall wardrobe plan.

I was amazed at how Kelli took various pieces from my wardrobe and put together cute new outfits I had no idea existed in there!  I ended up with a pile of clothes for alterations and a short list of new items I needed to purchase to complete my wardrobe.  I would love to see what her “LookBook” product is all about, because I think that would be an amazing resource too!

I cannot recommend Kelli enough.  She is professional, knowledgable, a very hard worker, and extremely kind and encouraging.  If you need a little help negotiating a new phase in life, or if you’re just feeling “blah” about your clothes and your look, Kelli can make you feel like a million bucks.

Amy & Family in their Outfits Styled by Kelli Djulus

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