Testimony Tuesday – Colleen

My clients are the best!

Here is a glowing testimonial to what a simple yet highly effective closet clean out can do for you!


Colleen’s Testimonial:


have so enjoyed my newly purged closets.  I enjoyed the process of comparing
the different items in order to “see” what should then be recycled or stay, as
when you put all short sleeved tops together and discovered I had four short
sleeved blue tops! Don’t need them all, so you purged what I was not able to
before, not even realizing what I had. In saving the nicest blue top, I wear it
all the time now.

AFTER – Clear View of Inventory

I was really amazed at how you zeroed in on my whites being
past their prime. Now I know to shop this spring for white tops and blouses
whereas before I 
wouldn’t have been able to focus in on this gap in my wardrobe..
 Following the closet purge and organization, I had new empty space
on closet shelves as well as an empty dresser drawer!

AFTER – Purged & Organized. Ready to go!

I also loved your suggestion
to go buy a pair of leopard print shoes, I have been looking for some ever
Thank you again! It was great fun!

AFTER – Less Stress, Quicker Decision Time & Easy Knowledge of Inventory!


Top Styling Tips for Family Photos

Tis’ the season… to schedule your family photo shoot! 

When autumn rolls around each year I look forward to the cooling weather, boots, warm drinks, softer light and of course, styling families for their yearly photo!

I’m excited to offer 3 different Family Photo Styling options! Not sure if you have the time or the desire to pull your clan’s look all together? No problem, schedule an appointment with me according to your needs and goals for your shoot.

Styling Option #1: Skype Styling – Simple, affordable and quick!
We will spend 45-60 minutes together diving into your closet, all virtual, thanks to Skype.
$49.00 for the hour

Styling Option #2: At-Home & In Person - Feel that you need to spend a bit more time with me, in person, for the styling of this year’s family photo? Want to get just the right look? Worried about pleasing the whole crowd?
Schedule an at-home styling session!
1-2 hours depending on the size of your family & wardrobes.

Styling Option #3: Fill the Frame – This is the whole shebang!
Not sure, at all, what you are looking for this year? Want to incorporate some new pieces for different family members?
Schedule a shopping trip, with me, and I’ll have your whole family styled, a-new, in 3-4 bours.

Now, for my top styling tips:

1. Saturated colors look beautiful on
a variety of skin colors and tones. Plum, burgundy, navy, cobalt, emerald
green, rich chocolate brown.
Turquoise and coral are always beautiful and fun together
and are easily grounded by navy. Brights like orange, lime, mustard and fushia are also great ways to make your look stand out! 

* If you need color guidance or inspiration, look at a color wheel. Which color speaks to you? Choose a complimentary color next to the primary you chose or directly opposite the wheel.

2. Dress from head to toe; you never
know what fun position your photographer will capture your family in!

3. Bring any extra clothing or accessories
on hangers, not in bags, because of wrinkling.

4. Embrace your child(ren)’s
personality & passions at this particular moment. 

For example, I styled a family of 4 this past weekend and their 6 yr old boy
loves cars. We pulled a handsome long sleeve tee with a vintage-looking car
on it & built most of the other looks around that color palette.
Be open to inspiration!

5. When choosing a pattern, keep it on
a smaller scale and classic; for example, herringbone, houndstooth, polka dots,
or a petite paisley.
  Or decide on one
family member who will don a fun, bold print, such as an animal print or exotic ikat, and then
style everyone else around that.

6. I recommend not wearing solid white,
red or black tops/sweaters – white washes most out and black can come off
looking very harsh. Red steals the eye away so if you would like to incorporate
this color do so as a splash here and there, an accent.

7. Ladies, it is best to cover your shoulders
as straps can distract from the face and add the appearance of extra weight. Yikes!

8. Stick with classics! This is not
the place for trends, including hair & makeup.

9. Add layers for texture, sheen and
color – Light layering looks beautiful and adds depth to any photo!

10. Have fun! Be spontaneous! Represent your beautiful family as you are!
your photographer! Enjoy this special time!

I will be posting my own family’s photos next month after our shoot with Melanie of Melanie Monroe Photography. We are thrilled to be shooting with her as I’ve known her since high school and also, the three of us missed a professional opportunity for photos last year. 

Happy Smiling!

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Fashion Is Fast & Fleeting – Image Is Forever!


You may be asking, where has Kelli been?
Well, A Rendez-Vous with Style is quite active over on Facebook and Twitter. Between work, constant business development, being a mom of a very active 2 year old and running a household, blogging isn’t something I have time for. But that’s ok, come on over to Facebook and join the conversation on fashion, fun and of course all things French!!

I’m extremely excited to share with you something new that has brought deeper meaning and fresh opportunities about for A Rendez-Vous with Style!
This past January I awoke at 4am with a topic heavy on my heart. Knowing that I’m being led into public speaking, I just knew this was a “talk” I was going to be compelled, from my heart, to share. I wrote fiercely on a legal pad for about 90 mins, in the wee hours of the morning. For those of you who know me, you know I like and NEED my sleep. But this one morning, I was ok with being awake. My heart had something to share with others, a topic close to home as I have my own life experience and testimony around it.  I love speaking to groups of women, of all ages and stages of life, around the ideas of Dressing for Success as well as The Power Behind Color Symbolism.

But this topic was new, fresh, and one that needs to hit the hearts and minds of moms across this country! While my little sweetheart slept peacefully in her room, my heart poured out a talk to share with the mothers of tween & teen daughters – Setting Their Daughter(s) Up for Self-Image Success.©

We, parents and caretakers, need to be teaching, supporting and instilling a positive and healthy self-image to & within our girls. With technology now-a-days they have access to everything and anything… at way too young of an age. If we aren’t talking with them about life, their passions and the way they think of themselves… who do you think is?!? 
The internet
A chat 
The guy on the football team
The girl in the locker room next to them
The kid down the street

You get the picture! The media bombards our girls from a preposterous age with princesses, fairy tales and crazy ideas that you need to look like this in order to have or be that. It makes my stomach churn!
Can I fix this deep-rooted problem on my own? No. But, I’m starting a revolution! Take back our girls!! Teach them from a young age to love and accept themselves. Filter what we can. Encourage them to fly. Turn off the media that brainwashes us all, especially Hollywood. 

Now, you may be thinking to yourself that this sounds a bit extreme. I can assure you that it is not. Our girls are getting lost in depression, food addictions and allowing peer pressure for sex, drugs and or alcohol to take over. They are hurting, misunderstood and sometimes not even listened to by the people that say they love them the most… their parents.

I love what I do. The fashion side is fun, it is fast-paced and always changing. What I love more is watching women grow, heal, accept themselves for the beauty they are and move on. We women need to knock that stupid little devil off of our shoulder, once and for all! Come on, you know the one that whispers crap into our ears constantly.  
We need to be there for our girls. Show them how to love themselves, dress themselves appropriately and to grow within each little gal a beautiful and strong self-image of who they are and who they want to become.

You may be a mom.
Maybe you are an Auntie or a Grandmother.
Maybe you are a nanny or a child care worker.
We need everyone’s help in order to save our girls! The current generation of tweens is already suffering all to much. Let’s stop this degenerating and debilitating phenomenon. 

(My little sweetheart)

If you know a group of moms that have tween &/or teen-aged daughters please email me. I would love to come and share my testimony and talk with you.
Working with women is my passion; it is inspiring, it keeps me on my toes and nothing is better than seeing women heal through hurt and sadness into the amazing individual they were created to be. No Matter Your Current Age!

Fashion is Fleeting. Image is FOREVER!

Email: kelli@arendezvouswithstyle.com
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Holiday Wishes this Christmas Season

Joyeux Noël à tous!!!

We wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Here’s to everything delicious

And all things bright

I hope you spend this most wonderful time of the year surrounded by people you love!

Merry Christmas!
Happy Holidays!

Kelli and A Rendez-Vous with Style

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A bientôt!

Gucci Museo – Diva Style

When I heard about the opening of this fabulous
new museum – I knew I had to write to share with you the news.  Florence has opened yet another museum…. One
that is certain to shorten the lines at the Uffizi while every stylista
cruising the Arno turns on their heels and rushes to the
Gucci Museo

Gucci Museo housed in the Palazzo della

Mamma Mia, it’s gorgeous. 
Three sensational floors are filled with the most iconic brand of 20
th century Italian style, displayed by theme. 
Glamorous? Check!  On site coffee
Bookshop?  Naturalmente! Permanent
exhibits of brand paraphernalia?
Certamente!   And best of all – a Museum Gift Shop with the exclusive 1921 Collection.  You’re going
to think you died and went to… Italia!

The 1921 Collection in honor of Gucci’s 90th

The Gucci Travel Hall complete with a customized Gucci Cadillac has me ready to book one heck of a Girls Trip - Diva Style – to Italy! Dear me, I almost forgot to mention the best part – not only has the Gucci Museum opened in Florence – but The Antiques Diva & Co European Tours has also just opened a branch under the Tuscan sun offering Florentine & Tuscan antique shopping tours!

My good friend Toma Clark Haines, owner of The Antiques Diva & Co European Tours Popular for their Paris tours, The Antiques
Diva & Co operates in 6 countries – France, England, Belgium, Holland,
Germany – and now Italy!
You might remember the fab trip I took with The Diva
in Berlin before my bambina was born, when we bumped into Bono

You can now book 1 day to 2 weeks doing la dolce diva with the Diva Team in
Tuscany doing Florence, Sienna, Arezzo, and more… Inquire for details


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