Bonne Année 2011! Happy New Year!

Dear readers, fashionistas and lovers of all things French & European,

We find ourselves again with a new year ahead of us. Endless opportunities, wonderful times with friends & family and hopefully the blessing of meeting new people from all over the globe!

My baby is almost 14 months old. Amazing how fast last year went dealing with a little person almost 24/7! One of my goals this year is to get back into the full swing of business! This mama is ready to work, work, work and introduce women to the best fashion for them… depending on their lifestyle, body shape and coloring. If you know anyone in Southern California who would benefit from personal time with a stylist and image consultant, I appreciate your referrals more than you will ever know!

Besides my goal to meet new people this year, I will be creating a Facebook page for 
A Rendez-Vous with Style before April. I also have a TOP SECRET styling service that I will be launching later in the year! More to come on that in the next few months so please stay tuned!…

What goals do you have for this year? Dreams? Wishes?

My goal & dream is for our little family to journey to Europe this summer and create wonderful memories with our little angel since last time I was there (summer of 2009) she was growing in my belly. I will definitely not have the excuse “hey, I can eat however much I want b/c I’m pregnant” this time… but let’s not fool ourselves… I will certainly be indulging!

OK, let’s take a quick dive into fashion trends for Spring 2011. I will go into more detail for you over the next 4-6 weeks.

Fashion Trends Spring 2011:

- Tribal
Etro Printed Linen Jacket, Silk Blouse & High-Waist Flared Pants

- Color Blocking
Marc Jacobs Bias-Stripe Halter Top

- Feminine Suiting
Donna Karan Structured Jersey Jacket, Pencil Skirt & Leather Wrap Belt

- Transparency & Sheer Layers
YSL Python-Print Chiffon Blouse

- Florals
Valentino Petale Flap Bag   Jil Sander Rose-Print Cuffed Blouse & Tech-Gabardine Pants
                                                                                  And retro!

- Minimalist Chic:
Choose a classic cut dress in one of the hottest desert colors for Spring! Rust, sienna and sand.
Michael Kors Leather-Trim Linen Shift Dress

- Military-esque Jacket:
wes gordon military coats
You know you have something similar in your closet that would work! Even a jacket, take it to your tailor and have them take the arms off! Viola… a military inspired vest!

- High waisted flare jeans:
derek lam flare jeans
Put your skinny jeans away for the season and say hello to these beauties! Pair this style of pant with a chunky heel… no flats unless you are over 5’10″!

- Mixing prints:
We’ve seen this for the past few seasons. If you are daring and try it… I still encourage you to edit, edit, edit. If mixing 2 or 3 prints keep accessories to a minimum! 

- Flatforms:
“Part platform, part wedge and a whole lotta awesomeness, these are the comfiest cool-girl shoes we’ve seen in years. Your feet will thank you for giving them a break from painful pointy stilettos, while your wing-women friends will be happy that it’s easy to spot a much taller you in a crowded room.”

Michael Kors, spring 2011

michael kors flatforms

- The Trench Dress:
This is a trench coat and sheath dress wrapped in one. Depending on cut and fit… this could be a new MUST HAVE, staple in every woman’s wardrobe.
dkny trench dresses

Comfy & Pulled Together:
Michael Kors Fitted Tee & Long Pleated Skirt
absolutely must wear heals with this look

Photos & info via Bergdorf Goodman and Glamour

What trends might you embrace this Spring?

Cheers to a new year, a new you! One who enjoys life, loves others and has fun with fashion!


I Miss Europe!

Ok, for me it might be more accurate to say “I Miss France” but hey, I’ve enjoyed all my European adventures. 

I’m just having one of those days. You know how they go! Don’t you have them also?… all you think about are your favorite European destinations?

The shopping, the fashion, the wine & food, the open air markets filled to the brim with beautiful produce.

I stopped by La Tartine Gourmande, a beautifully delicious and inspirational cooking blog, and she had mentioned La Semaine du Gout happening in France this week. Sounds like a wonderful idea and something that many Americans would benefit from. Check it out and be sure to take advantage of the many culinary events happening all over the country this week if you are lucky enough to be there.

vourles marché
vourles fraises
vourles marché
La Semaine du Gout en France du 11 au 17 octobre 2010
Photos are from here

Fall in France is magical! Dreaming myself there for a short escape.


My 11 month old sweetheart at the pumpkin patch

C’est La Rentrée des Enfants!

It is time to go back to school! I am sure parents are rejoicing all over the world. 

Here are some kiddy trends Vogue France is serving up for our little ones  - Back To School shopping has never been so chic!

Little Marc Jacobs
“Mini-Me” by Little Marc Jacobs
Bobo Choses
Adorable apple backpack
Gray jeans of course! This is one of the “IT” colors for the fall – for big kids and little ones alike.
Denim shirt by Levi’s
Ann Valérie Hash
Stave off the morning’s chill with these gorgeous gloves by Ann Valérie Hash
Kenzo Kids
So French and so floral!
Kenzo Kids

Ok, I’m off to cook dinner. My little one is still much to little for school although… she did get a whole new winter wardrobe the other weekend. Hey, I can’t help myself. She’s adorable and looks fab in everything!

Until next time…
Enjoy the lingering days of summer and the long weekend!


Our Angel is 9.5 months old now! How time flies when you are having fun!!