Christina G.

Christina G. ~ San Diego, CA

I had gained weight over the last two years and wasn’t feeling good about my body, so I was a little nervous about working with a stylist, but working with Kelli ended up being like a dream!  My closet was overflowing with black clothes, ill-fitting clothes & clothes with the tags still on them.  Now I have about half the clothes but twice the outfits that look twice as good!

Our first session – the dreaded “closet purge” – was so liberating for me by the end of the evening.  I really understood what worked on my body and what didn’t and I got rid of at least 3/4 of my closet.
Our next meeting was for our shopping trip and I was a little worried because I wasn’t sure if she’d dress me in a style that wasn’t “me”.  I personally love vintage clothing or those with a retro look.  Well I needn’t have worried since Kelli found me some perfect clothes on our shopping trip.  It was so stress free to show up at a store and see Kelli with a cart full of clothes for me to try on. This trip emphasized again what worked on my body and what didn’t, as well as what colors worked with my skin tone & hair color.

It turned out to be a very successful shopping trip and now I actually feel like I have a style now that really feels like me.  I’ve now embraced colors I wouldn’t have ever picked out before & have learned to put them together in combinations I hadn’t ever thought of before.  Kelli was great at putting together the outfits so I could see what works & what doesn’t and then photograph them for a look-book that is so handy now in the mornings when I get dressed!  I am also shopping better since I have a clear idea of what I’m looking for and how to get the style I want.

I feel so much better when I look at my closet in the mornings and I feel much more confident about myself when I’m out during the day.  I’m getting compliments on how I look from friends and family and they’ve all said how I seem much happier with myself lately too.  I wouldn’t have believed that my outside appearance could affect how I feel about myself on the inside, but it is definitely true!
Thanks again, Kelli, for helping me to feel great about my body as it is now!