Tracey, Santaluz, CA

When I began working with Kelli, in 2008, I had a closet full of clothes that I didn’t wear and the idea that I needed to just lose ten more pounds before I could go shopping. But after our consultation, Kelli showed me that although I did have a lot of clothes there were pieces I needed to purge. There were several items that were keepers. I started learning right away what styles look good on me and she encouraged me to start venturing away from my standby; capris and t-shirts.

We also decided to start shopping so I could start feeling and looking my best. This was the best advice ever because I would still be waiting to start shopping because of the extra pounds I wanted to lose.

As a busy mom of two young children, finding the time to shop can be difficult, but Kelli is always very flexible. After several power shopping trips we have been able to fill my closet with versatile pieces that can easily take me from the park with my kids to date night with my husband. Kelli has taught me so much about how to dress for my lifestyle and my body type.

I feel like I still have a lot to learn, but now shopping is much more enjoyable. Thank you Kelli for helping me out of my fashion rut and for introducing me to a whole new world of clothes and accessories!

Tracey Before

OK, I know we all have one but they should be confined to the gym or yoga class!

Tracey After

Tracy is still comfy but this color combo & the fit of these pieces is oh-so-much better than a sweat suit!

Family Photo Styled by Kelli Djulus, A Rendez-Vous With Style

Family Photo Styled by Kelli Djulus, A Rendez-Vous With Style