Deborah ~ El Cajon, CA

Dear Kelli,

Thank you so much for advising me on my wardrobe! I was at a place in my life where I did not have any desire to dress up or look put-together.  Since my work place does not have a dress code, I digressed into wearing old, unflattering jeans, sweatshirts and ugly tennis shoes because it was “easy”.  However, with this lack of self-care came stress and a low self-esteem.  I did not feel very attractive.  I am in a place right now where attraction is important. I am single and working toward my career; I need others to take me more seriously than when I was in college.

Kelli, you made my wardrobe fixing fun, rejuvenating and non-threatening. It was helpful that you spotted several outfit ideas with the clothes I already had in my closet as well as helping me throw out items that were not flattering.  Shopping was fun too! I was able to turn my brain off in finding the “perfect” pieces while you went to work and piled the cart high with all types of shoes, tops, pants and more for me to try on.

Thanks again for your friendly, helpful and encouraging advice. I completely trust your opinion and recommend your services without hesitation.