Julie, Rancho Santa Fe, CA

I am a 32 year old female residing in Rancho Santa Fe. About 4 years ago I knew it was no longer appropriate to be dressing like I did in my early 20′s but I didn’t want to look matronly.  I was stuck in a rut, a little out of date and bored every morning. I had a huge closet full of clothes yet only utilized about 20% of my wardrobe wearing the same outfits over and over.  I needed to update my image and be able portray who I am today. I wanted to dress with passion and purpose! I wanted that look of sophistication, young and sexy, without looking tacky.

I would go into some of the best stores and just not know where to start.   I never trust the sales ladies because they will tell you everything “looks so good”.  Somewhere inside I didn’t feel confident that the outfit or pieces did really look good but I would buy them anyway only to waste money since I never ended up wearing many of my new purchases. I needed some personal guidance from someone who had an objective, expert eye and my best interest at heart.

I read fashion magazines and looked through the pictures trying to get some ideas to emulate. I also read articles about how Hollywood’s stars, magazine shoots, and television had fashion stylists and I thought, wow… must be nice!  I assumed it would cost a fortune. I tried a girl about a little over a year ago.  She thought you couldn’t look good unless you bought couture and only the pieces that she decided on.  She basically TOLD me what she was going to do and imposed her taste on me. I didn’t like her approach. Besides that, she was also way too expensive.

One day I was browsing online and saw that Kelli was right here in San Diego.  I emailed her and asked her to tell me about herself. She helped me describe what it was that I wanted out of working with a stylist. She was so informative, professional and the fact that she spent a good amount of time being influenced by fashion in Paris told me this girl is at the top of her game.

Day one of my new adventure began when Kelli arrived promptly at my door, organized with a notebook and a camera. We went straight to my closet and worked with my existing wardrobe. I tried each and every piece on and eliminated a lot of clutter that no longer suited me.  Then with what was left Kelli created and worked with outfits that seemed incomplete and transformed them into beautiful expressions.  Preparing me for any occasion with various styles that were natural, polished, sexy, powerful, sleek, sophisticated, warm, comfortable and put together from head to toe putting the finishing touches on an outfit that added extra pizazz. Kelli made suggestions on how I could make minor alterations to be sure that a piece fit perfectly and would flatter my body. I suggest this to all my friends if nothing else.  Kelli has done her research and has found San Diego’s best tailor.

During our sessions I learned how to know when something works for me in terms of colors, styles and designs.  We explored new looks and translated them into reality. As the new season grew closer, we went on a shopping expedition to add some pieces to my closet. Usually when I go shopping I get overwhelmed when I walk into a store. With Kelli we had VIP service and no pressure from the sales people. Prior to shopping I found pieces in magazines and Kelli called around and located them for me.  I tried on things I never would have noticed. Kelli assured me I didn’t have to buy them however it is great to try on new things; it was an eye opening and fun experience.

Not only is Kelli extremely qualified, organized, efficient and intelligent, she also possesses an amazing charisma and is so much fun to work with. The experience of working with her is truly magical. I feel a growing confidence that my new wardrobe reflects my inner beauty and radiance. This process has taken me far beyond improving my wardrobe. I have been inspired to be the best I can be in every area of my life.  I am now prepared for a range of events at a moment’s notice; work, leisure, casual, travel, fun, social, dressy and formal. Last minute travel is so easy now, I just refer to my LookBook and I don’t even have to worry about what to pack.

Kelli, thank you for adding so much joy to my life!  You have given me more than a great wardrobe!  The service you offer is priceless and has resulted in confidence, optimism and a new outlook on life.
I love going out every day feeling great and receiving many compliments.