Kristin ~ Seattle, WAKristin ~ Seattle, WA

When Kelli left my apartment, after our consultation, I had 3 trash bags of clothes to give away and a mostly empty closet – and I was thrilled! 

I was in desperate need of fashion help. I was very much stuck in a jeans & t-shirt rut, and didn’t know how to escape…not to mention the agony of figuring out what to wear for dressier occasions. My every morning “nothing to wear” problem was getting rather old but with Kelli’s guidance and style expertise, I was finally able to escape my t-shirt & jeans rut!

It was great working with Kelli! I feel so much better about my wardrobe.  With her help, I was finally been able to let go of all of my ill-fitting, ugly, or unfashionable clothing – some of which I hadn’t worn in years. Along the way, Kelli pointed out the reasons why each piece worked or didn’t, made suggestions about what to look for in the future, and noted obvious gaps in my wardrobe. Our shopping trip was a success. I brought home a beautiful, functional, multi-purpose foundation to my wardrobe that Kelli created for me in only 8 hours.

Good thing Kelli started helping me build a work-appropriate wardrobe {which I didn’t really think I needed at the time since I was working from home in LA} because shortly after our 1st shopping trip I accepted a great job offer that took my fiancé and I to Seattle. One last shopping trip with Kelli in Orange County before my move and I was ready to attack my new position and further my career!

Thank you Kelli!