Speaking Engagements

The Be Radiant Team

Kelli is an experienced speaker who is able to teach and inspire various groups of women and girls.

The “Be Radiant” Team

We are three women who live to inspire, encourage and speak life into the hearts and minds of women, all over the world! We bring in guest speakers, with whom we collaborate, and frequently change up the vendors to offer the best experience for the women in attendance.
Currently, we speak in Southern California, once every 3 months.

Be Radiant ~ Inside and Out!

Raves About Kelli

“When I first heard Kelli Djulus speak at a women’s soirée, a few years ago, I had fun learning from her style expertise but I was mostly struck by her authenticity and passion to empower women to feel good about themselves from the inside out.

I highly recommend this up and coming speaker for any women’s event to share a fun talk on fashion, style tips and image! She is all heart and will not miss the chance to inspire women to feel good about who they are inwardly, first and foremost, while helping them with practical ways to express that through wardrobe and style.” – Lori O


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