The Stylist

I am a born and raised San Diegan and I have always loved life “au soleil”. As much as I adore my hometown, its wonderfully picturesque beaches and quaint neighborhoods, my heart always yearned for more; a new experience, an exciting adventure and preferably, in a faraway land!

The driving force behind my move to Paris, in 2000, was a culmination of many things. I have always been passionate about fashion, plus I am a die-hard romantic. Art, history and architecture move my soul plus I’m fascinated by languages and their many differing accents. At that time, I was also carrying around with me some deep wounding surrounding my own self-image that needed healing and I knew that would not be accomplished by staying in my hometown. I needed to breathe, new air, fresh experiences and learn to forgive and then accept myself for the beautiful woman I was created to be and accept who I was becoming.

Following the footsteps of famous expats such a Fitzgerald and Hemingway, I lived and worked in Paris for almost 5 years earning an Honorary BA in The Art of Living Abroad. Amazing experiences, life changing moments and revolutionary ideas, from my time in France, certainly impact my views on life, the way I interact with people and how strongly I feel about the importance of following one’s dreams. After moving back to Southern California in 2005, my many experiences,
hundreds of memories, along with vivid souvenirs of the sights and sounds of Paris helped me realize that there is so much more to a person’s appearance than just fashion or the clothes they chose to wear. It has much more to do with a solid foundation of positive self-image which createsself-confidence and then contributes to their personal style and individual personality expression, through the way they choose to dress.

At A Rendez-Vous with Style it is my mission to empower women through self-acceptance, self-love, self-expression all via fashion, personal style and how each woman shows herself to the world around her. I create wardrobes that match your individual personality & lifestyle while also educating and sharing the reasons behind picking certain colors, shapes & silhouettes. My heart’s cry as of January 2012 is a new twist on Image Consulting. It is to support our tween girls in cultivating a successful self-image! Our girls are bombarded everyday by images, TV, peers; brainwashed to believe you “must” look a certain way, be a certain size, wear a certain brand, etc. I am taking on this challenge; it is a dear subject to my heart as I have my own life experience, struggles and healing through a damaged and unsupported self-image. We must start young, now is the time!

A Rendez-Vous with Style was born from the fire that burns within my soul; the desire to lovingly guide and help educate women on how to best dress for their body shape, to acknowledge the power of dressing for success in all arenas of life and to embrace life to the fullest, every single day.